Experiencing a burn out as a professional is not a myth and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Firstly, you are human with blood running through your veins. Hence, it is only natural that sometimes you may feel tired, unmotivated, and frustrated. Some assistants work overtime, especially if they have a tough, demanding boss. The workload may keep growing until you feel overwhelmed, and then boom! It happens. You suddenly feel like you are not putting in your best at work, or you may begin to lose your confidence. This article is not about what to do when you are burned out. It is to stop it from happening. Working as an assistant, whether you get yearly leave or weekends off, you should not endure your job, you should wake up excited each day, feeling like, yeah, I got this!

Work overload, an unpleasant working environment, and doing the same thing day in and out could also lead to you burning out.

How to Prevent Job Burnout

  1. Socialize: The internet has made it easy to connect and socialize with people all over the world. Find the time to make new friends online, join groups and engage on posts you like. You can call friends and family to catch up on whatever gist you want to catch up on. You can also plan a little get-together with your loved ones when you have the time. You may as well decide to have some alone time, catch up on your favourite shows and plug some music in and read a novel from your favourite author. If dining out, dancing, and hanging out with friends at noisy clubs are your thing, do it!
  1. Take a Break: When you feel exhausted, unmotivated or your mind seemed to be all over the place, a thirty-minute break will do you some good. Please do not wait until you are on the very edge of burning out before giving your body and mind the rest it needs.
  1. Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help with the little things which are not confidential. Having a colleague help you with something little could give you an extra hour or two to take a break, or it may lighten your workload. At home, enlist the help of your loved ones with the chores, do not do them all alone.
  1. Get Enough Sleep: Getting at least eight hours of sleep daily will keep your energy up and your mind refreshed. You are likely to burnout if you do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will not only take a toll on your body; it will make you unproductive and unmotivated.
  1. Eat Healthy: Indulging in treats occasionally is okay but eating junk food can complicate your health. If you are often too tired to cook, consider buying fresh produce from vendors who do the hard work of cleaning, chopping, and packaging them. Eat a balanced diet, drink enough water during the day, and do not ever skip breakfast.
  1. Indulge in your Passion or Hobby: Do you remember how much time flies when you are doing something you love? Whatever your hobby is, find the time to indulge in it occasionally. It could be for only a couple of minutes, but it will be very rewarding as it would ease out whatever amount of stress has built up in your body.
  1. Detox Your Mind: With everything happening globally and work overload, it is essential to detox your mind. Find a quiet space to meditate, turn off the internet and live in your personal space or go for a walk. Look around you and enjoy the little things that count; being alive is a blessing. Try not to focus on the pile of work waiting for you or the personal problems and bills that keep growing. Take a break and practice breathing exercises, these exercises can help you relax.
  1. Start a hobby: It could be keeping a Journal, working out, or shopping, indulging in what makes you feel happy most times results in a mental balance, and you find that you are back at the top of your game. Writing is therapeutic for some people, while working out helps some people ease off their stress.
  1. Attend Seminars, Signup for Online Classes and Workshops: Connecting with like minds and getting first-hand tips from professionals in the same field or industry will help you tackle day-to-day challenges. Gaining new insights and knowledge will also help you work smarter and faster.                                           
  2. Think Less About Work: Worrying about the workload waiting for you will not solve the problem. It will only lead to headaches, anxiety, and stress. Stop overthinking the challenges you face in your workplace. Instead, let your mind dwell on the things that make you happy. And when it is time to work, focus on the job and give it your best.

Even veteran assistants lose motivation at some point in their life. On your worse days, remember why you were hired for that position in the first place. If the company did not think you could handle it, you would not still be there. Be kind to yourself, congratulate yourself on your little achievements, and celebrate yourself.

Find the time to socialize, take a break when needed, eat healthy meals, and think less about work when you are not working.

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