Episode 3: THE BREAKUP

“When do you want to start?” Olumide repeated the question.

“Err…” Sherri couldn’t decide if she should take the job or not.

“The job is yours if you want it.” Olumide said, emphasizing ‘WANT.’

Of course, I want it, or I wouldn’t be here!

“Would you like to take a day or two to think about the offer?” He went on.

She knew what he meant by taking a day to think about it. She’d be a fool to turn down this mouth-watering offer after being unemployed for so long.

“I’ll like to think about it, sir.” Sherri replied, looking him straight in the eyes to pass a message across to him that she wasn’t scared of him. Disgusted, yes, but she’d never be scared of a creep like him.

“Let HR know what you decide. I will contact you personally and welcome you onboard if you decide to work with us.” His lips spread into a full smile.

Sherri shuddered as she pushed to her feet and made her way to the door. Fortunately, Esther wasn’t at her desk. There was no need to ask any more questions about her to-be boss or the company. She’d have to constantly fight the man off her if she decided to work here.

Sherri came out of the building with frustration written all over her face. She reached into her purse, pulled out a handkerchief and dapped at her face. Sweat had begun to trickle down her back, her legs ached, and she needed to get something to eat, or she’d soon collapse on the ground and end up going viral on the internet. Living on the Mainland and trying to secure a job on the Island was daunting. She had woken up at 4.30 am, and by five, she was out of the house.

Her phone rang out.

She slid her hand into her purse and brought it out. Her lips tightened when she saw ‘aunt Taye’ displayed on the screen. Her mother’s twin sister was her least favourite relative. The woman was infuriating.

“Hello, ma.” She answered in a clipped tone.

“Sherri! Thank God you answered my call today!” Aunt Taye said dramatically, “Anyways, I’m calling because my friend’s daughter is getting married…”

“I’m not a wedding planner, ma.” Sherri cuts in.

“Won’t you let me finish? One of Nina’s bridesmaids has travelled out of the country, and she needs a replacement. The Aso Ebi is 17k, and the bridal dress and accessories are 15k. I told her you’d do it. I’ll forward her account details to you so you can credit her.”

“I don’t even know this girl you are talking about! What makes you think I want to be on her bridal train?”

“You are twenty-eight years old, and soon you would be getting married too. If you don’t rejoice with others now, who will rejoice with you when it’s your turn? This is a chance for you to meet my friend’s son. He’s single and…”

Sherri ended the call. She should have known this call would put her in a bad mood.

When her phone rang out again, she was about to hit the ‘reject’ button when she realized the caller was her boyfriend, John. He had just gotten a job in a bank, and he had started furnishing his apartment. At least, that was one bright spot in her life right now. 

Being jobless and still living at home was a nightmare. She placed the phone against her ear, eager to hear his voice.

“Hey, babe, what’s up! You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you. I’ve had a crazy day.”  Sherri groaned.

“Sherri, I’m breaking up with you.” John replied coldly.

“Uh? The network’s breaking? I will give you a call when I get home.”

“No.” He snapped, “I mean, I’m breaking up with you! I’ve met someone else. She’s a colleague.”

Sherri laughed, “Is this a joke? When did you start working at the bank? Just two weeks, and you met someone?”

“Well, she’s earning her own money. Fifty-five thousand naira every month!” He replied.

“I never knew you were so shallow-minded, or I wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot-long pole! I wish you all the best!” Sherri disconnected the call and switched off her phone.

She sighed, “Can this day get any worse? Sometimes, it seems nothing good can find me.”


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