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Are you looking for that perfect gift for your boss?
There are times in the year when we think about our bosses, and gifts to get them. Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays or anniversaries or even a special occasion, it can be overwhelming deciding on the perfect gift.
Look no further! Here is a list of 50 great gift ideas; Assistants Nation compiled, to make your boss feel appreciated as he celebrates that special day. From personalized gifts to practical items or just something fun, we have it all!
First off, when using this list as a shopping guide, consider your boss’s likes and dislikes, as well as the type of relationship you have with your boss. Be mindful of your budget, get creative with your gift; try to think outside the box and don’t forget his spouse or significant other. Good luck!

1. A coffee mug with his favourite sports team logo or with a funny or inspirational quote.

2. A personalized engraved pen set will be appreciated.

3. Desk accessories such as a paperweight, or letter opener.

4. A personalized book about your boss’s life and accomplishments, which can be gifted during his birthday or retirement party.

5. An item that will make him more productive in the office space – such as an ergonomic chair or desk lamp.

6. Your boss will appreciate a gift that shows you’re thinking of them, like personalized stationery or customized stationery that includes his name, address, phone number, and email address etc.

7. An inspirational quote framed and installed on the wall.

8. Consider giving your boss a bottle of vintage wine or champagne. You can also find out what kind of alcohol he likes and get him a bottle of it. It’s something he will enjoy now and in the future!

9. Gift cards for restaurants he enjoys eating at, or gift cards for restaurants around town (or in other cities) when travelling on business trips.

10. A small digital camera.

11. He would love a box of his favourite snacks or dinner at his favourite restaurant.

12. An art print or artwork if he is a creative or art lover.

13. An office plant or succulent for the aesthetic boss who loves interior décor.

14. A sleek briefcase to replace his old one.

15. A high-quality watch or engraved watch from a high-end jewellery store.

16. Casual dress shirt.

17. A new tie in his favourite color.

18. New cufflinks that match his tie /suit .

19. An engraved tie clip to keep his tie in place.

20. A new leather wallet to replace his old one.

21. A sturdy belt.

22. A nice pair of dress shoes for work.

23. Buy him his favourite cologne or aftershave (if your boss is of the opposite sex, exercise caution with this).

24. Quality headphones or wireless ear buds.

25. Personalized desk calendar.

26. Customized mouse pad or a laptop sleeve.

27. Digital/electronic notebook for the tech savvy boss.

28. Bluetooth speakers.

29. Magazine subscription (this is good if you don’t know what his interests are).

30. New business cards that are more professional looking than what he currently has.

31. A Handmade gift basket is a great choice because you can put together items that your boss might enjoy such as cookies, coffee, and some other goodies that he likes to make him feel appreciated on his birthday or the holiday season.

32. Amazon Prime membership.

33. A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu so he can catch up on all those shows he missed out on while working late hours every night.

34. If he loves music, get tickets to a concert. Bonus points for you, if you get tickets to concerts of his favourite artists.

35. A personalized plaque to keep him motivated at work.

36. A set of matching luggage pieces so he doesn’t have to worry about carrying different bags when travelling.

37. Sports memorabilia if he is a sports lover.

38. A small token of appreciation, like a framed photo collage.

39. A nameplate for his desk.

40. A Bluetooth key finder with a smart tracker for the boss who is absentminded and often loses his keys or wallet.

41. Tickets to a sporting event he likes and wants to go to but can’t get tickets for on his own.

42. An engraved key chain that matches his car’s make and model.

43. A portable wireless phone charger.

44. A leather-bound journal or planner to help him organize and keep track of all of his thoughts, ideas, and daily tasks.

45. A box of cigars, if he smokes.

46. A voucher to a spa to get a massage, pedicure or manicure.

47. If your boss is a bibliophile or book lover, consider getting him an autographed book from their favourite author.

48. Any bibliophile would also love a quarterly or annual subscription to an audible book platform like

49. Gift cards for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., so they can purchase any other books they want/need.

50. Tickets to an event related to their field of work – a conference, a lecture series, etc.
Help your boss celebrate his birthday by giving him a unique gift that they’ll never forget. This might not seem like much, but trust me, your boss will appreciate it more than you can imagine

Loved these tips? Please drop a comment to let us know which item you would be gifting your boss.

Watch out for our upcoming blog post on gifts ideas for female bosses.

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