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Women now have more jobs today than 50 years ago because of changes in the job market, including automation and globalization, which eliminated some traditional male-dominated jobs. Women are also in more leadership positions; they constitute 4% of CEOs in the Fortune 500, and they hold 21% of board seats.

This means in your career as an assistant, you might end up working for a female boss sooner than later or you are already working for one.

If you are not sure about what type of gift to get your female boss, we’ve got you covered!

Whether it is the holiday season, her birthday, work anniversary, or maybe she’s been promoted and deserves a congratulatory token, whatever the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of 50 gift ideas that range from practical and sentimental to quirky and fun, which will make her feel appreciated.


  1. A framed photo of her and her family.
  1. A beautiful floral arrangement that will brighten up her office.
  1. A personalized mug with her name on it or a mug with the words “boss lady” on it. 
  1. A personalized planner for 2022 to help her stay organized and productive.
  1. A gift basket of coffee, tea or her favourite beverage with some of her favourite snacks. 
  1. A set of travel-size toiletries for business trips. 
  1. A bottle of wine with a box of chocolates to enjoy after a long day at work.
  1. A gift card so she can buy what she likes.
  1. Smart water bottle- tracks your water intake and reminds you to stay hydrated.
  1. Smart mug warmer; this smart device helps keep your beverage, coffee or tea at your desired temperature.
  1. Amazon Prime membership so she can get free shipping and streaming of movies, TV shows, music, and more. 
  1. Novelty/trendy power bank for the fashionista boss; did you know you can get power banks shaped like a lipstick, compact powder, food etc?
  1. Mini massage gun; for some home wellness care.
  1. Scented candles gift set; they’re soothing during stressful times.
  1. A voucher/ticket for a luxury spa experience.
  1. Smart mirror with Bluetooth speakers and lights for the tech-loving and beauty conscious boss. 
  1. An aromatherapy diffuser for creating a relaxing environment.
  1. Mini skincare fridge; perfect for the boss who loves to indulge in skincare products.
  1. Perfume gift set.
  1. For the beauty lover, a luxury makeup bag filled with their favourite beauty products.
  1. A smartwatch bracelet or a stylish watch.
  1. Tickets to a conference about an industry she’s interested in.
  1. A customised nameplate for her desk. 
  1. For the bibliophile boss, the Kindle Fire is a substantial gift for reading books on the go.
  1. Coffee table books are also a great idea for book lovers. They add a pop of character and colour to an office space.
  1. Bookends are a splendid gift if your boss has a bookshelf and loves décor. Bookends come in a variety of décor styles and are great accessories for bookshelves.
  1. A quarterly or annual subscription to her favourite magazine.
  1. Her favourite book autographed by the author.
  1. Touchscreen digital photo frame: This photo frame allows you to upload multiple pictures and select a picture to display. You can change the display picture anytime.
  1. Wireless ear-buds so she can enjoy music without the cord getting in the way.
  1. Phone Sanitizer – did you know that research shows phone screens have more germs than a toilet seat? But people hardly clean their phone screens. Phone sanitisers use UV light to kill germs in a few minutes. For the germaphobe boss, this is a perfect gift.
  1. Stylish laptop bag.
  1. A pair of designer heels (if you can afford it). 
  1. A fashionable scarf.
  1. Jewellery box.
  1. A designer handbag; cost varies and depends on the brand, but it is a gift she would always appreciate.
  1. Handbag organiser: If your boss is like 80% of females on the planet, she is often rummaging about in her bag looking for her keys, lipstick, pen or other small items that might have fallen into crevices in the bag. A handbag organiser is a great gift and can be personalised with her initials or company logo.
  1. Make her a personalized CD of one of her favourite artists/bands- include photos, lyrics, or anything else that relates to the artist.
  1. Wall art with an inspirational quote.
  1. Colour-coordinated desk accessories; paper tray, letter opener, paperweight, etc. in her favourite colour etc. 
  1. A nice pen with her name engraved on the side. 
  1. A digital camera.
  1. A portable photo printer.
  1. Purchase something for her home –  throw pillows, vases, robotic vacuum cleaner, kitchen accessories etc.
  1. Noise-cancelling headphones for travelling or working at home in peace.
  1. A tablet to help her easily track her emails.
  1. The newest iPhone (if you can afford it).
  1. A virtual reality headset for her downtime, only if she is adventurous and playful.
  1. If she loves attention, write her biography- highlighting her career accomplishments. If you can’t afford to publish hard copies, upload on Amazon Kindle for people to read for free, and send links to her, her family and friends.
  1. A surprise party; if she is spontaneous and loves surprises.

This year’s holidays are approaching and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your female boss. We know you want something special, yet affordable, and depicts that how much you appreciate her leadership this past year.

Which gift idea would you choose? share in the comments.

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