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Whether you work for a start-up, an established company or even the government, you may be saddled with managing your boss’s social media accounts even if you are not a social media expert. Many things could go wrong, and as the person handling that account, these mistakes might reflect poorly on you.

We have compiled a list of 15 tips for managing your boss’s social media to make your job easier. What is better than having a happy boss who trusts in how he/she is represented online?

  1. Understand the organisation’s social media policy: This policy varies from organisation to organisation; it is your responsibility to understand the type of content the organisation allows, as well as the appropriate use of any company logos, branded hashtags, what kind of content to post, using company resources, and how often you can post content etc.
  1. Get organised: Create a plan for what you will share on the boss’s account, having a social media content calendar makes your job seamless.
  1. Be respectful of the privacy of others when commenting on posts: It is essential to respect the privacy of other users and not give information about other people to third parties. In essence, never post anything that can identify someone else without their knowledge. When commenting on posts, we should not include personal details and locations.
  1. Understand Boundaries: Ask for permission before sharing any information outside of the office.
  1. Automate:  If your boss has several social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and you need help managing multiple profiles, consider using a scheduling tool like Instagram/ Facebook creator studio, Hootsuite, or Buffer to schedule your posts and automate posting.
  1. Don’t post anything too personal: There is a fine line between what is appropriate in the office and what isn’t, and it is easy to cross that line when you are eager to increase your social media engagement. However, you should never post anything too personal about your boss’s life even if it is true.
  1. Interact: It is called social media for a reason. Creators of social media apps expect you to interact, and the algorithm is tweaked to identify accounts that interact with others and increase their visibility. Respond to comments respectfully and reply to messages from followers when appropriate.
  1. Inform: use the platform to share your boss’s achievements and accomplishments, like promotions or awards, also share new projects, company updates, and other relevant information.
  1. Share behind the scenes: Post pictures of employees at work events, like team building activities or holiday parties, to create a positive buzz about the organisation.
  1. Use tags: Depending on the social media platform, using hashtags, keywords or tags, in the captions makes it easier for people to find content or for the account to appear on the search results page.
  1. Engage with followers: Research shows that accounts that engage with followers grow faster than accounts that don’t engage with followers. Occasionally engage with your followers’ pages by liking their content or commenting on it.
  1. Proofread and Edit: Before updating any content, make sure it’s grammatically correct and free from typographical errors. Poorly written content reflects negatively on your boss.
  1. Be consistent: have a set time when you upload content to the social media accounts so followers know when you are active online and can engage with your posts.
  1. Think of the audience– the boss’s personal social media followers could be just family and friends or it could include co-workers or clients. What does your boss want? His business account is more professional but can also include personal contacts from his network. Think about the type of content your boss’s target audience want to see before uploading posts.
  1. Consider your content: Avoiding uploading any posts that are inappropriate or that can be construed in a negative way.

Keeping up with your boss’s social media is an opportunity to learn more about his/her life and interests, especially if your boss is providing content.  We hope you found this article informative.  Which one of these tips will you try first? Bookmark our blog page for more career tips.

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