Episode 11: THE DILEMMA

Monday morning, Sherri was busy transcribing some documents for her boss when her office phone rang out. She answered the call.

“Hello, good morning.”

“Hello, Sherri, this is Adenike from Human Resources. Are you busy at the moment?”

“Yes.” She replied, “Is there something you’d like me to do for you?”

“I’d like you to meet our new accountant. Everyone has met her except you. I won’t take much of your time; I’ll bring her to your office in a few minutes.”

Sherri sighed when the call ended. Since she ran into Adenike at the restaurant, she had tried to stay out of her way.

A few minutes later, Adenike came into the office with a lady Sherri recognized immediately. It was her sister, Bisola.

Sherri gaped at her, but her sister acted like they had never met before.

“Sherri, meet our new accountant, Bisola Gabriel.” Adenike said, “Bisola, meet Sherri. She’s the PA to the MD”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Bisola smiled.

Sherri nodded, unable to speak.

“I’ll be heading back to my office, Bisola. Once again, you are welcome on board.” Adenike walked out of the office and shut the door.

“What are you doing here?” Sherri screamed, “Are you trying to get me fired? Don’t you know this company has a policy that employees with the same last name cannot work together?”

Bisola chuckled, “Relax, that’s why I used Mom’s maiden name.”

“I don’t want you here. You need to resign this minute! What happened to your job?” Sherri’s voice trembled as anger boiled in her veins, “You had a job!”

“The pay wasn’t much, you know it.” Bisola replied, “The last time you came home, you were going on and on about your workplace, so I looked it up online and saw a vacancy for an accountant.”

“I can’t lose this job! What if someone finds out we are related?” Sherri cried, “Why do you keep doing this? Why do you always want what belongs to me?”

Her younger sister raised an eyebrow in question, “I can work here because this company doesn’t belong to you.”

Sherri watched in shock as her sister walked out of her office.

She’d have to go to HR with the truth, but wondered if that would get her sister fired.

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