Sherri was working on some files she had brought home from work when her phone rang. She rolls her eyes as her sister’s name flashed on the screen. It’s Saturday, and she was meant to drive her mom to a party, she was certain that was why Bisola was calling.

“Hello, sis,” Sherri says.

“Hi, Mom crashed your car.” Bisola announces, “You know she’s not a good driver. Why did you give her your car to drive? The mechanic we called to look at the damage says it would cost at least N500,000 to fix it.”

Sherri gasps, denial surging through her. “Are you serious?”

“How soon can you get here?” Bisola asks. “You need to see it for yourself and figure out what you are going to do.”

“Is it that bad?” Sherri rubs her forehead, wishing she hadn’t lent her mom the car. It’s her official car. What would she do now?

“Yes, very bad.”

When the call ended, messages with images of the accidented car flooded her WhatsApp. Sherri cringes as she swipes through the photos. One of the side mirrors is missing, and there’s a large dent and scratches on the left side of the car.

Sherri texts her friend, “hi, please, can you recommend a good mechanic. I need his service ASAP. Her friend texts back immediately; sure, this is my mechanic’s number….

Sherri messages him on WhatsApp and sends him the photos of the car, but the mechanic says he’s out of town. She thinks for a minute, and then she calls her mentor, Lydia. Sherri sighs with relief when Lydia’s soft voice spills through the line.

“Hello, dear friend,” Lydia says.

“Hi, Lydia, I am in trouble, and I need your advice. I let my mom drive my official car, and she crashed it. What do you suggest I do?”

“It depends on your workplace policy concerning official cars. I must be honest, that was a bit irresponsible of you to allow someone else use company property that was entrusted in your care. You should speak to your HR about this immediately. Off the top of my head, if the car is not insured, you may have to pay for the repairs since the accident didn’t happen during work hours.”

“Sigh, thank you Lydia.”

When Sherri gets to work on Monday morning, she goes first to HR.

“Good morning.”

“Morning, Sherri, what can I do for you?” Adenike asks.

“I crashed my car during the weekend,”

“Do you have a photo to show me?” she asks.

Sherri shows her the photos of the car.

“The car is insured, it will be taken care of, but you should be careful next time.”Adenike smiles at her.

Sherri grins as she returns to her office. She’ll never trust anyone with her car again, not even her sister.

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