Bosses often make impossible demands of assistants. Short deadlines for tasks that could not be completed in the time allotted, requests to stay after-hours to complete assignments or help with an event, emergency meetings and presentations or other related work etc.

The stress caused by these requests can be immense, especially when they are not met in the exact manner desired. This could leave the assistant feeling disheartened and overwhelmed after working an exceptionally long day, only to turn around and must do it all over again the next morning.

Assistants Nation has collated a few tips to help you can manage your time efficiently during these stressful times:

1) Prioritize tasks:  Although the boss may demand that certain assignments are completed right away; prioritizing will allow you to complete them according to their importance to the business rather than by when they were assigned. That way you meet the boss’s deadlines, and you will feel good knowing that you executed the tasks in the most efficient way possible.

2) Delegate when it is appropriate. Depending on the workload of your boss, this may be difficult to accomplish. However, when the timing is right and you feel that certain tasks are better suited to colleagues in the company or outsourced individuals, then it is time to delegate. Not only will you be freeing up valuable time in your day but others around you will benefit as well. This can supply a sense of satisfaction for everyone involved in completing their tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

3) Work compensatory hours: As an assistant with a huge workload, it may be difficult to leave your job behind at closing time each day. However, when possible, try working compensatory hours on either weekends or one evening during the week after everyone else has gone home. Although the pay rate may be slightly lower than normal, you will feel better knowing that you are getting ahead of your to-do lists and completing tasks within a shorter period and with minimum distraction.

4) Set aside ‘work free’ hours each week. When working with CEOs who have rigorous business schedules, trying to get them out of the office during work hours is something that should be attempted occasionally. This helps them to relax, unwind and spend quality time with their families. It also gives you time to tackle tasks without interruptions from them. If this is not possible, then set aside a few hours during the week for some work-free time for yourself to ensure that you are able to unwind.

5) Be proactive in your time management efforts: Having a ton of tasks on your plate and not having sufficient time to manage all can be a frustrating experience. However, if you plan and take proactive measures in managing your time efficiently it will help eliminate these situations from occurring. Planning will help to identify what needs to get done and how to execute them in an effective manner, without causing undue stress or pressure on yourself or others around you.

Time management is a simple concept but a challenge to accomplish at times. These tips will help you stay one step ahead whilst ensuring that assigned tasks get completed according to your boss’s expectations. You may even find yourself with some extra time to spare during the day which can be spent on pursuing other interests.

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