Excelling is daunting but not impossible if you work with multiple bosses and cater to their different preferences and personalities.

The more teams, bosses and managers assistants have to work with, the heavier their workload and stress level. If you have worked with multiple people at a time, you’ll understand how hard it is to keep everyone happy. The challenges of working with multiple bosses include conflicting information, missing deadlines and burning out from trying to meet up the demands of many people at the same time. So, you need a set of strategies to survive the day-to-day hassles that come with your job.

Here are some tips to help you work effectively with multiple managers:

  1. Keep Everyone Informed: This is when you need to use your organizational and communication skills. Don’t assume you know everything or leave anything to chance. Each of your bosses should communicate crucial information like appointment dates, travel plans and deadlines, etc. to you and you should also keep them in the know about their projects. The more information you have about projects and deadlines, the better you can serve each of your bosses. When your bosses are informed about your workload and tasks, you can work around everyone’s priorities, and this way, you can prevent conflict.

2. Keep a List of Priorities: Prioritize your daily tasks and handle the most important ones first and let your bosses be aware of this method so it wouldn’t seem like one person’s work takes precedence over the others. When everyone agrees with this list of priorities, you can get to work. Another way to do this is to give periodic updates about their work.

3. Understand Each Individual’s Personality: It is rare to come across bosses with the same personality or preferences. Everyone’s work style, method and personalities are different, so you need to know each of your bosses’ personalities and tailor their tasks to their preferences and styles. A boss who likes to know about their projects would appreciate periodic feedback, unlike one who wants you to take initiatives and make independent decisions.

  1. Don’t Get Caught in the Middle of Conflicts: Conflict is inevitable when working with multiple people, and different personalities are bound to disagree. When this happens, be diplomatic and try not to choose sides. Let your bosses handle the issue and if the problem is from you, apologize to the aggrieved parties, define the problem and let your bosses sort it out. During work-related crises or conflicts, have a positive attitude and put in your best work. If you are compelled by the situation to choose sides, be on the side of the boss who has the power to make or destroy your career.
  1. Keep Separate Files: Have a separate file for each individual’s work to avoid mix-ups. Keeping files in separate drawers will make it easier for you to grab a file or confirm information quickly. Whether it is an electronic or physical file, name it and number it.
  1. Be In Control At All Times: You may know how to organize work, plan meetings, etc. and be a top-notch assistant, but if you don’t set boundaries and learn to be in charge of situations, you’ll be overwhelmed with the constant deadlines and bow to the pressure of working for multiple individuals.

To enhance productivity, make sure you set boundaries, and apply the tips you have learned from this article.


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